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Its sad that CUK have to revert to this to get votes, its like politician kissing the babies before the election.

There are far more needy charities than CUK on that list.
CUK would not be my first vote.
<t>Seems like carers are continually bickering about things that are so trivial, whilst the bigger picture is being overlooked.<br/> Next thing we will have a mountain of threads popping up on various boards to complain about this and ((((((hugs)))))) to console the offended.<br/> If you going out l...
<t>There are some things we just do not understand, forces , power healing whatever, you are blessed to have such an association with this field.<br/> <br/> I have also been to Lourdes on each occasion i found something i have never found anywhere else. No, i was not healed in anyway phyiscally, but...
One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. I never for a minute think that anybody feels like they will take up arms and be willing to lay down their lives. As Carers we already give our lives for others, more akin to a vocation in life.
Well what can i say have we all forgotten the IRA and the militant actions of this group is that not my point that they have achieved a type of peace and co-existance . What i have been saying forever is that we cannot go on and on where is it going to end if we just get fobbed of and renegadded to...
Hi Annab,
Why don't you sit down and have a good old cuppa. We will join you.
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from a pot with a brown stain worthy of mentioning on the internet?..........no thanks might ruin my china Image
Hi Celia,
I think they will remove the brown stain from inside a teapot.
I expect there will be lots of other uses.
best wishes

Maybe it's because I'm tired but can you be more explicit? I'm not absolutely sure what you're saying. prob a bit like yourself tired, tired of it all. Just seeing the apathy of Carers and the plight they are in seems like its all fruitless, withoutsolid backing from the Voices, just me tired of it...
<t>reading back from the infamous announcement on the 10th of June, despite all the fighting talk, protest organisations, new boards and direct action. Its still the same old faces, the same old objectors trying to muddle things and same old ego's.<br/> <br/> All I can see is apathy, and till this i...