Hi Booksey, Since my nervous breakdown in June (had loads of warning signs over the past year that I'd ignored and Lord, did I pay the price?), I am ensuring I do something for myself every day. I'm waking up early every morning at the moment, have some quiet time just looking through bits and piece...
As a carer of 3 children with learning difficulties(ASD) we had an asessment from our local authority (both my wife & I are carers -I left work to support her as her health was deteriorating with the stress). This has now been unilaterally withdrawn with the comments that " you need the respite pay...
Hi Redroadshow, I agree with everyone on here.. please keep aside you-time - vitally important. Imperative. Both of my daughters have ASDs - Eldest is moderately autistic and my Youngest Daughter (has Asperger's Syndrome and traits of a condition called Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome) will b...
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Norrms.

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