(The) Onedin Line

.. you are a wonderful person, do you know that?

Your poetry is so expressive.

Lots of hugs to you.

Sezzie x x x
Hi Kelly,

This is a fantastic place to be when you're feeling a little lost, alone and overwhelmed with caring responsibilities.

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Hi Jo,

Welcome to the Forum Image

You've come to the right place for good, sound advice and solid friendship Image

How are things with you today?

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Hi Mike,

I wish I could say something that is helpful too...

... welcome to the Forum and keep talking though.

Sezzie x x x
Hi Jo and welcome, no wonder you are feeling stressed and suffering from health problems as a result. Taking on the care of your father and siblings is no mean feat. You will find help, support and friendship on the forum and realise that although your situation is unique, there are lots of us faci...
Hi Helen, Welcome to the Forum. I have two gorgeous daughters with ASDs (ages 15 and 11), both to varying degrees with their associated difficulties. Autism is such a difficult condition because its effects vary from one day to the next. For example, Eldest may be perfectly fine, calm one day and no...
Hi Natalie,

Welcome to the Forum.

How are you feeling today?

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Hi Francesca,

Welcome to the Forum.

Hope you're feeling OK today.

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Hi Belinda and welcome Image

You're here with us and believe me, it's a good place to be Image

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