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Our is being delivered fresh from Ducky Delish a private meals on wheels company that delivers freshly cooked food straight to your door. Tastes like home cooked too!
Advocaat thats it BB awful stuff, but what the heck is ''EGGNOG'' when its at home?
Mary I'm not a cider drinker unfortunately,but I'll give a good go with your help! :woohoo: Do I need to bring more food like a turkey for BB to slam in her huge oven? Maybe some eggnog whatever that is? Anyone know? The Yanks are forever banging on about it on the Christmas films. Sounds awful to m...
nhshater, Wychwood sounds darn good to me! I love the Hob Goblin dark ale and all the others they do. A drop of Courage Best is good as is our local brewer Teign Brewery. Reel Ale, Old Moggy and Spring Tide. I'll bring them along for you to sample. Jill's bought me a bottle of Mount Gay Rum which I'...
Albert seems like a naughty boy after my own heart, rhymes with F*** and boy do they make I laugh. Never growed up see. Tribute sounds good to me eeeerm? Cant remember who wants to drink it with me now, been on the rum me luvvers. :o So tired so off to beddy byes night campers.....................zz...
Cor where's this ere virtual mistletoe then me luvvers? I'm in need of a virtual Christmas snog! :shock: :o :woohoo:
Right I'll be there with only bought goodies I'm afraid. (did you know I hate cooking?) Mini choc rolls, choc marshmallows, Penguin bicuits, Fruit and nut biccys ect ect..... Oh and a bottle of Lambs Navy Rum and a few real ales if thats alright? I'll check out the work on your fireplace whilst I'm ...
Oh dear I haven't a flippin' clue what you lot are on about?
Snow scene card 007.JPG
This is my favorite watercolour card that I painted some years ago now.
He's lovely Sue, just the ticket! :)
Its logged straight into 'Members Corner' the last two days no probs.