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Thank you Michael. :)
Pet it wont let me in to read your reply? :mad:

Just says ''Your not authorised to read this forum''. :roll:
Now it wont let me ''Edit'' my post!

''You cannot edit posts in this forum.'' :mad:

I was trying to correct it to ''Members Corner.''
Hi, I'm locked out of Members only thread after trying to post photos of White rabbits?
Any ideas anyone? It says ''You cannot post on this forum.''

Ah, well it works ok here it seems. :?
I'm sorry but this is my kind of humour and it made me cry with laughter and we Carers need a good laugh.

Hi Rosemary, I spotted this on facebook, but there was no information as there is on here. Also I couldn't reply sooner as I was locked out of the forum for some unknown reason. I hope John's calmed down now and your soon back to normal. I hope the assessor does his/her job properly and you are thor...
Yes I thought that at first Abra. ''Well I know that.'' Then as I read on I thought ''Good, he's explaining it perfectly for those who have no idea what its like to cope with dementia in all its forms.'' My wife has vascular dementia also and struggles more some days than others, as do I. She's up a...
Remember We're the wombles ... :lol: Was it Jo who took this pic, I honestly cannot remember? We had a brilliant holiday, anyway, and caught up with quite a few friends on the way. Must do that again soon. Jo? Whos Jo? No it was Wendy Scally and what a grand time we had meeting you on Teignmouth Ca...
Thanks each, I dont do it anymore, but I know I will one day again as its very theraputic if its going ok, otherwise............ :mad: :D
Heres my version of ''Singing in the Rain'' Sajar.......