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Cor us'll be on the steam engine BB learning how to drive un, I tell 'ee! Us's got my clean white shirt on and best trousers with my dancin' shoes all poshed up ready to do the light fandango later. Tis a bit late for us this 2:00pm dinner, but then who cares, us'll all have a gurt time chompin' on ...
CHRISTMAS DAY HAS ARRIVED FOLKS! Merry Christmas to you all !!! :D :woohoo: :woohoo:
Ooooo I love the Jive BB, so I'll do that with you. Crikey Albert, gold and silver medals eh? Top man! As I said we did win ''Warner Gold'' for our quick step and waltz on a Warner just for adults holiday back along, but nothing as prestigious as your trophies Albert. How about us all Rocking around...
I'll dance with whosoever will have me. I make up my own steps though as I have not been trained at all. Jill and I even won a Warner dance off on holiday one time, yet we just did our own Quick Step and Waltz! Maybe BBs special 'stepper' thingy will make me a proper ballroom dancer? Even jive again...
Of course you couldn't possibly be an old cynic Albert, your a Carer for heavens sakes. I know there not your jokes. I too would have gone for the heart that hadn't been 'used'. :D :) :lol: Fancy a Community Care concern being so cynical eh? Very true though in many cases. WTKOOA ?? Hmmmm? AHH! ''We...
Albert this is why I called you an old cynic mate. (No offence meant.)

''The man says, “I already know enough.
We all know that social workers are bleeding hearts and the attorney’s probably never used his.
So I’ll take the attorney’s!”
Ha Ha yes Mrs A the thought had crossed my mind. :roll: :blush: :dry: :sick:

F O N Y.........''Fairytale of New York'' !

''R A T C T'' ............1960 a clue, what a decent chap I am........... :?
Oooo Albert what a cynic you are sir. :D :D :silly:

''I saw Mummy kissing Santa Clause''.
M C E........................Get it anyone?
Theres a snog under the mistletoe for the winner! :woohoo: :woohoo: :kiss: :oops: :blush: :P (No toungs!)
I know it goes off in the bottle as I bought some for our granddaughter one Christmas as she liked it. It was made into snowballs.
Jill was having some when the dog bit her and that was the last it was drunk!
I opened it two years later and boy did it stink!! :sick:
Oh thanks nhshater, so eggnog is Advoccat then without the achohol then. Never knew that?