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<t>Thanks charles47 & Belle for the info.<br/> <br/> The MP is Crispin Blunt & I've emailed him again letting him know the wool is off my eyes!<br/> <br/> He began by saying that the state of social care 'is one of the most vexed & & delicate questions in British public policy.'<br/>...
He says he's on the Opposition Frontbench. Charles47 says:
'unless your MP is a Minister or Junior Minister, s/he is free to sign up to any EDM.'

Is it only Ministers & Junior Ministers that sit on the frontbenches?

Either way, I'm emailing him again right now!
<t>Got a swift reply from our local MP re; the EDM. Tried unsuccessfully to cut & paste it here as it was almost 2 pages long. He concluded by saying that as the EDM was made by the opposition, protocol doesn't allow him to participate.<br/> I'm intrigued as to how other non Lib-Dem MP's respond...
Just emailed my MP also

Hello one & all. I joined the forum yesterday but have been with CUK for a while. So many valid points have already been raised but I'll add my tuppence worth anyway. Matt: I appreciate the work that you guys do & with so few of you on board it's amazing that you've done so much. Thank you all. With...
Thank you all for such a warm welcome! I certainly do have things to say....when I have more time & I know you all know what that means! In brief (for now) I'm quite p'd off at Gordon Brown today & have written to CUK as to why. I'll find the appropriate part of the forum tomorrow to vent my spleen ...
Hi to everyone.
I've been a member of Carers UK for a while & thought it was time I joined the forum.
I'm a lone parent/carer to my beautiful 22yr old son who has problems with his physical & mental-health.