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Sturdygirl - I also do jigsaws from time to time. Love the Wasgij jigsaws as does my mum who actually does more than me. Sign language is also something I have thought about but I think I would leave that till later on if I do as I dont feel I would be 100% committed at the mo. Also love gardening a...
<t>Well this is sort of going to be a bit of a learning and info topic really.<br/> <br/> Firstly what are everyones hobbies or interests? Im thinking of joining a French class again (loved it in school, but forgotten alot of it now) but I'm also thinking of doing a few other things like horse ridin...
<t>PLEASE BE AWARE THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS VIRUS THAT HAS BEEN DISCOVERED, MANY PEOPLE CAN/WILL BE AFFECTED.<br/> <br/> A highly dangerous virus called 'Weekly Overload Recreational Killer' (WORK) is currently going around and increasingly spreading fast. If you come in contact with this WORK virus, ...
Im guessing there's a cat out there!

Hh,h,h,h,h,how d,d,d,did you, kn,kn,kn,kn,know!

Im behind you and its either a cat or you've got really bad wind!!
Elvis P
Dave had took the Zebra print scarf fashion to a new extreme!!
Alan Ball, David Beckham, Gareth Barry, Gordon Banks, John Barnes, Peter Beardsley, Terry Butcher
Seven players whose surname begins with B have won 50 or more caps for England. Name them.
Jaro (Fin) Jagiellonia (Pol) JJK (Fin) JEF United Ichihara Chiba (Jap) Jakarta FC (Ind) Jeju Utd (Kor) and Jerez (Spa) theres actually quite alot but J is definately not as common as other letters
I caught my sneak preview on the Reacher page. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif I think I can remember now and believe it was on Twitter. Lee Child posted a link from his Twitter feed but I dont think it was from the Reacher page????? http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_confused.gif ht...