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"ALL WE CAN DO" No words can comfort all we can do Is share your North face route with you. No one can take your pain away Or cut bereavement's journey short. Perhaps you would not want them to Your grief is all that's left to you Of your loved one who could not stay. All we can do is walk with you...
Apologies! As a relative newbie I wasn't trying to be patronising. I just care,
It's hard to keep one's spirits up when tiredness just becomes so overwhelming and with such little respite in sight.
Do you have a special friend whom you can phone or meet up with occasionally to just talk about anything and everything?
It does help.
But keep on talking to us all here.
I'm so very sorry for all the heartache you are experiencing.[urlhttp://pinoyelvensmith.blogspot.com/2007/01/poetry-words-for-it-by-julia-cameron.html][/url]

I wish there were more than words to comfort you. You have my thoughts and prayers. :)
https://forum.alzheimers.org.uk/?_ga=2. ... 1537365714

This is another forum where you have the opportunity to talk to others experiencing problems caused by Dementia. You may be able to offer helpful comments yourself?
What about a Carers' Assessment? Would that help? I'm not quite sure what it entails.
Definitely try to find out about claiming Carer's Allowance. It will make it possible for you to get some help with the numerous tasks and things you are faced with.
I'm still unsure myself how to arrange for a Carer's Assessment and what exactly they assess.
Hope things go well for you :)
"There we go, a little rant, so am I entitled to be angry? Am I justified for being angry?" Dean, whether you are justified or not is not so very relevant. The fact is you are HUMAN and have human feelings, emotions and reactions. Forgive yourself and the other person. Try to spend even 5 minutes q...
Music is my therapy. Classical music, especially cello and violin even though I've never played I used to play the piano. Our daughter gave me a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday and I have quite a selection of books on that. Stella Rimington has just brought out a new one.All of her series are exce...
Hello. I too am new to this Forum. Last February when I took my husband to our then GP, he looked at him and laughed and said "Well you're 80 years old, what do you expect? your problems are just old age!" I made a complaint to the Practice Manager and we have since transferred to another Medical Pr...