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Also, for some encouragement and entertainment, have a look at part 2 ( Thursday of next week) of that lovely programme which aired last night on BBC!,"Vicky McClure's Dementia Choir" It was really heartening and heart warming.
and maybe try to find information about Health & Safety regulations if you are being asked to breach them by doing tasks for which you have not been employed. If they have not given you a job description, ask for one.
Thank-you all for your support.
Yes, it is thanks to Age UK that we both now receive Attendance Allowance. This has been a huge help.
It means I can pay for an hour a week help with cleaning and with ironing as my back is getting so bad now.
Once again
Thank-you all so much. :)
Thank-you :)
Social Services/Adult Social Care did the assessment. The woman who did it told us we should sell the car as we 'didn't need a car' How would I get my husband to the Doctors? or do the shopping which I am unable to carry on the bus. This woman also told us we didn't need 'funeral plans' Our final pa...
Hope all goes well for DR. I'm 85 and my husband's full time carer. He's just been diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. He's had such a rough last 2 years. It's tough because we both get so tired. It seems we are not entitled to any financial help. I pay someone myself to come and do 1 hour a week...
When my husband had a 'financial assessment' to decide how much he would have to pay for his Care ( 4 mornings 30 minutes and 3 mornings 45 minutes) it was a somewhat offensive experience. A woman from the Council came. She started off by saying the charge would be backdated. We had been told by the...
The new Adult Social Care Councillor for Surrey is Sinead Mooney.
It won't hurt to write and tell her what you think!

The more people who shake them up :D the better!
It's all rather sad isn't it? Prince Philip has been a wonderful, heroic and courageous man. He has made an error and had an accident. He isn't the one being paid by the Daily Mirror to sell the(her) story. Is it being blown up out of all proportion because as Alberts says " Where there's muck there...
Mrs Average "Stop beating yourself up so!!!"

It's just something that seems to be ingrained in human nature.
The 'Guilt Monster' with a cudgel ever ready :D