Thank you for sharing your story Maz! Your thoughts are agreeable as well.
Yeah I guess so. It's been a great help to me as well.
Thank you for sharing this. It's quiet long but is definitely worth reading.
Ohh I see. I thought she would be back soon. Well I hope she's doing fine.
Great thoughts Honey. I agree with you. God bless you and your MIL!
Yes you should do that. Glad to know that you're doing fine now and you have someone with you for the mean time.
You MUST NOT put yourself at risk. If he was always aggressive, he may now be a bigger threat as the part of his brain which controls behaviour is flawed. Make sure you have a room with a locked door, and a phone with you, so you can dial 999. A number of people have taken videos of their relatives...
Any updates here aileen? Anything would be gladly appreciated.
Hi there Eileen! I'm also new to this forum. I feel bad for you. Why would they do such a thing? Yes you need to contact experts like the Alzheimers Society for you to be more aware and knowledgeable in your husband's situation.
My aunt has dementia and slowly, she was experiencing memory difficulties and sudden change of thinking and behavior. That's why we did everything we can to help her and make her always safe at home. We take turns in taking care of her coz she has tendencies of wandering along the streets. We have t...