Wow that's great news Geraldine! I'm glad that your mom and your family is doing fine.
Great thoughts bowlingbun. Being healthy is important in order for us to be able to take care of our loved ones. Thank you for sharing this with us.
That sounds pretty impressive bowlingbun. What specific tracker did they offer to you?
Yeah, I think Jenny is right. You have to make some time on your own, relax for a bit. You still did a good job in caring for your mom.
I wish you well Sarah, and to your mom also. God bless!
Great idea! Wandering outside alone is very dangerous these times. We should always keep an eye on them. You might also want to invest in tracking devices? I have a friend who does that to his mom and I thought it would be very helpful on your case.
Wow it does seem really helpful. Thank you for sharing.
I agree with everything you said bowlingbun. By the way, welcome to the forum Susan! Does your mother still have dementia?
Hi Cristopher! Welcome to the forum. That's very alarming. What if she gets out the house and wanders in the neighborhood on her own? That would be horrible. Yeah, putting some hidden cameras might be a good idea.
Yes it's important to have proper diagnosis so that you'll be aware of the possible situations you might encounter while taking care of her. You'll get proper medication as well and as said earlier, she gets benefits that might be a great help.