Yes I definitely agree with you Henrietta. You should do that before anything bad happens to him.
Thank you for sharing with us this very informative article.
That's great Christine! I definitely agree with you. Keeping our mental state healthy is necessary.
If you are worried for possibilities of abuse, you should secretly install a hidden camera to where he is staying at so that you'll be aware and make sure that he's safe at the same time.
Ooopss sorry. I forgot about that.
You can look into this website if you are looking for private carers.
The you for the link MrsAverage. It would be great help in the future.
You are definitely right bowlingbun. We have to always bear in mind about what they really need rather than what they want because as time passes, they would need more attention and care.
Yes, it is really hard on your part especially that you're dealing with two diseases at the same time. It really needs patience on your part. God bless!
Good suggestions bowlingbun! I definitely agree with you. Thank you for sharing this with us.