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Don't worry about me beating you to it, just wasn't expecting to see it on this site. Image

Whoever posted it was out for shock value is all, but us carers are made of shockproof stuffing. Image
Was going to PM Rosemary about it and then it disappeared - thankfully. Was shocked to see it and glad to see the back of it.
I'd just like to post a big THANK YOU from me and my OH (Moonwolf/Dave) for all the help you have given us. Dave enjoys reading the posts here as he says that there is more information from the carers than their is from the sufferers on the sites he's on, as epileptics dont seem to want to talk abou...
Hi bowling. Image
As usual carers are a necessary evil to those in power. We lost all basic rights when we became carers for those we love.
<t>Hi Kenneth,<br/> <br/> I'm sorry to hear about your predicament, and do understand how you feel at the moment as I cared for my mum-in-law (and my ex) for 10 yrs. She owned her own home and I could only claim for CA for 1 person. I kept appealing for her to get AA and finally was awarded it - wit...
((((BIG HUGS)))) all round.

I think that we need a ranting topic Image - where we can rant at the world, scream, cry and let off steam, post jokes to make us all laugh. Image
Thanks Charles. (((BIG HUG))) Will check this out and see what can be done or changed with his DLA. Will also let them know about his occasional incontinence problems, as I know from looking after my mum-in-law that it needs to be on the forms. This is something that he doesn't like to be known, I t...
<t>Hi mandi.<br/> <br/> I have a friend who has ME and she finds it hard to cope most days. The thing she does to help see her through is play the PS2. She says it takes her mind off the pain and stuff. On a really bad day she talks to her dog - says that looking after him makes getting around a nes...