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<t>May the joy that young James gave to this world bring a small amount of comfort to those that knew him. <br/> <br/> May they both rest in peace.<br/> <br/> We have to hope that soon the plight of carers and the carees soon become recognised and help that is so badly needed is offered to all. I ha...
<t>Again the worry falls on the carer. As long as we dont complain then the govt. will continue to abuse us in this way. <br/> I'm dreading our next heating bill, but as always it will be paid. <br/> Why do disabled and elderly have to pay full costs for gas, electricity and water - maybe this is a ...
Thanks for the support. It is what we need. We need as many carers and carees as possible to be on our side to have impact.

<t>Carersuk do all they can, I think that it is now time to do something for ourselves.<br/> <br/> My OH is hoping to get enough backing from carers and carees to make the govt. sit up and think.<br/> I have posted his campaign on the 'campaigns section and called it 'Carers and carees help needed' ...
Thanks Cheril.

We need to know how much support we have before we go ahead with this campaign.

If you do support this action please put in a post to let us know.

Hi all, My OH wants to send the following letter to the Prime minister but would like to know if other carers/carees agree with it and would be willing to post it on other sites, before he sends it. The name on it is Chiseltooth as that is his email address. Mr. Brown, It will probably not be you wh...
Hi and welcome to the site.

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate (but then, which one of us hasn't?)
Hope all goes well for you. Image
Hi all, Does anyone know if celiac can affect epilepsy. My OH is suffering from symptoms similar to those of celiacs and it does run in his family. He cant eat as it goes straight through him and he ends up with sever cramps. At first we thought it may have been due to the medication, but we just do...
My MP is labour (not my kinda guy - but what the hell - if he helps), and got back in touch quickly saying that he is going to look into the EDM and will let me know.

IF I hear anymore from him I'll post it here.
Hi Dorothy,

I hope things get better for you. Try grabbing little naps when ever you can - it helps.