My OH decided to go to local Dogs Trust to adopt a dog. Image Will try to post a pic of it when we get it. Image
Saw neuro today and OH getting meds changed - now on TOPIRAMATE as well. The down side to this is that with only 6 weeks to go before we could get a seizure alert dog - we now have to start again - 6 months before we can apply again and then another 6 months worth of diaries to fill in, so it's goin...
The mirror group have agreed to run it if they get enough response from others.

The only way we can guarentee the PM hearing of it is to bombard his office and as many others as possible.
Thanks to George for the wonderful idea of mass mailing. I hope his 150 got some attention. If others would like to send the letter and their own personal words to to the news agencies here are the addresses for you. ; letters@observ...
If we all did it we might get a decent break. Sounds like a good idea but then, WHO would look after our loved ones
This letter has just been emailed to: PM, main opposition parties, national newspapers and tv news desks. Lets see if anyone takes any notice of us now. Well done George for sending 150 emails to the PM. Maybe he'll read at least one of them.
Lets hope that some of the 750,000 carers out there hear about my OH's campaign, if so it might just be the push that he needs to listen to us and help us Image We can but live in hope Image
Not a footie supporter, but I'm glad for you. Image
<t>We are going to add the links to sites that have given support - via the carers and carees - so that they can check it out for themselves, so we still need as much support as possible.<br/> <br/> Please post this on any other site you may be involved with, as the more support we have the better i...