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thought it was your yapping did that rosemary Image Image
yeah i can feel them big old claws in me already ouch!!! Image
only thing like that kalms is it might knock me out and i cant afford to
go into a deep sleep in case anything happens through the night
and let us not forget the £87billion we as carers save them wheres that money gone? so if we are saving them that kind of money shouldnt all carers get a bonus for saving the country all that money instead of being cut to the bone?
rosemary got it sorted Image they rang me up and told me they were wrong so everything is back to normal Image Image
thanks myrtle no rosemary havent tried anything like that
what you suggest? and noreen says hi back Image
me? iv'e been run down for a little while got colds that i never get at this time of year i havnt been sleeping well because of it but im getting there i hope lol i will tell her ty xx
thanks rosemary Image still the same as usual noreens put on a bit of weight well we are hoping its that and not water retention she is still on tube feed and she will be till september then we will see what happens then how are you these days ?
hi guys is there anyone out there who has income support and not 60 yet and the person you care for has a state pension? reason why i ask is got a letter today telling me my income support has been cut because of my wife having a pension i would understand if she had taken pension credit but not sta...
<t>all im saying excalibur is this country long ago stuck together families are not as close as they used to be if everybody were to slow down a bit and smell the roses maybe things would be better but i know and you know it wont happen everybody is for themselves these days or to busy to bother its...
yep george lots of pigs flying around one just past me window Image Image Image