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I, too, am gobsmacked with his response. Maybe we should all send him an email and tell him what we think.


He voted strongly for the Iraq war so he must be an ***hole.

Try a Liberal MP.
i like the term "piglett" lol

mines been a hyper active log leaving piglett today, and running around like a nutter, and trying to do her physio kept fluffing at me and laughing so much she nearly cried!
Pixie your piglet's absolutely gorgeous. Image
Now that's what I call a result George!! Image Well done my man.Image
<t>“Love is the public reason why we care for our piglets. And it may even be the real reason. In fact, there’s quite a good chance that love, or what we take for granted as love, is our first motive. But there’s very often more to it than that.<br/> <br/> You see, the trouble is...
Does social care include Nursing/residential homes?
Kira. It's difficult to know what to write. I am just so sorry. xxxxx
Frandrake, I don't know how old you are but with age comes wisdom, and you realise after years of being the doormat, that you are important and if you look round in the supermarket at all the hustle and bustle, most people haven't a clue what you do and what you've been doing for many years. This me...
<t>I didn't even realise I was a carer until "officialdom" mentioned it 15 years down the line.<br/> <br/> In my case, it was a slow deterioration dealing with each new problem as it happened. My husband is no longer my husband but my patient and I am his nurse and body. Have been for many years.<br...
Thanks everyone. I think we've all nearly reached it haven't we? But we still somehow manage to soldier on.
Kira, my heart goes out to you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx