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Sorry to hear about the dilemma you are in.

This link may be of some help to you:


Good luck.
Hi Douglas. After joining a few days ago, I feel like I'm old hand at this.

Any problems, just ask. Lots of helpful people here. Image
The reason I asked this is because we have district nurses visit regularly and they are over-worked and under-staffed. Although they try to help as best they can, they don't have the time, which means we suffer as a consequence. If you try to ask questions while they are here, you know they are itch...
Does anyone have a regular visit from the district nurse and if so, are you happy with them?
Well they certainly know how to confuse people. Image
I am more or less quoting from Hugh Marriott's book but "you stumble on until, inevitably, sooner or later and probably sooner, you have become dimly aware that you do have needs that are different from other people's. This awareness has now dawned on you now you realize that your needs aren't being...
Hi Phil. I think anybody that cares hands on for another human being is a carer. Image
Hi Caron. I only joined a couple of days ago. The more the merrier I say! Hope you get lots of help and advice on here. Image
Thanks Myrtle. It's really nice to be here. Image
. If you get Carers Allowance (didn't it used to be ICA (Invalid Care Allowance?), It's roughly 28p an hour (£6.72 a day). If your "caree" stays in a nursing home it's roughly £130 a day. What does that tell you? It tells me that carers are vastly under paid http://www.carersuk.org/images/ico...