<t>Two weeks ago, I read about the disabled living fund and thought I'd fill the form in for my husband. The form is in two parts, the first part you fill in and the second part has to be filled in by a social worker to confirm everything you've put is correct.<br/> <br/> Anyway, we were with social...
Hi Keith. Welcome from me. Sorry to hear about your wife. Hope you get lots of good advice on here. I have a similar problem to you with my husband. I know how you feel. Image
Hi Sarah. Lots of help and advice on here. Just ask. Image
Hi Kazza. Lots of help and advice on here. Image
To be honest, I think there should be links on all the forums for carers to all or any other carers forums. After all, carers come here for help and advice and if one forum can't help, maybe another one can. What's the big deal? I call it uniting together.
Hi. I don't know what your circumstances are at home but I'm applying for the independant living fund for my husband. With this, he will be able to afford a personal carer and I can then have a little bit of a life of my own... Here's the link: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeo ... DG_4019444
Hi. Not sure if I should advertise another carers forum but chill4us has a chatroom.


I'm sure if I'm not allowed someone will let me know but hope this helps. Image
Excalibur, it might be worth you looking at this site:

http://www.warmfrontgrants.co.uk/warmfr ... /index.htm

I don't know your circumstances but I've just applied. Image
Hi Mandy. I take prozac and find it's great when you first take it but I think your body gets used to it and the need to increase it to do the same job is imminent although I still take one a day and don't want to take any more. This link might be interesting for you to have a look through regarding...