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I've emailed all the "protest" links to our local carers office. Hope they give some input.
Thanks Krys. Forgive me for being naive but what is CV?
Ive read the "YOURS" mag in the past they have had one or two good things re carers but i also found many mistakes in the mag .
but if we could get them on side would be big help never read the SUN

The Sun likes to get behind ordinary people and give them some uuumph.
Thanks Paula. You are so nice. Image
I found this forum a little while ago and they don't get many visitors so I hope it's ok that I post a link?

You have to have clout behind you. The Yours magazine is a good start...followed by the press...maybe The Sun?
I've never been on a march or protested about anything before so I'm not sure (like many of us probably) what is involved. Apparently you get as many people as possible, Set a date, tell the press, tell the TV people, tell the Police and meet somewhere where the march will begin and March to 10 Down...
Good thread George. Luckily for us, we're not on a water meter but if we were, we would definitely use more water than the average householder due to my husband's disability. The amount of towels and bedding I wash is unbelievable. Another thing, if the washing machine breaks down (and it's insured)...
But how do you get the message to them that there's going to be a protest? If that could be done, we're half way there. Image
Yes. I think it should be plastered over all the carers forums.

Well it looks like there's a definite seven so far....Just 43 to go. Image