I would take a picture of the notes before they removed them. Or buy a small photocopier or scan them into the computer.
Here's another link that may help ;

I am really moved reading all your kind messages. They have brought me so much comfort. Thank you everybody. xxxxxx
Thank you all so much for your kind messages. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I lost my husband last night. He just couldn't fight it anymore.
<t>My husband is in the last stages of MS. It was agreed with the local hospice and district nurses he should die at home. I watched him getting weaker and weaker. When sepsis got him, I called the doctor and put him in the hospital where he is recovering from this and anaemia. We are taking each da...
<t>"Enforced celibacy." I hadn't thought of it like that before. It's what fate has handed you isn't it? The only option a carer has for sex is to go and find a secret partner and have sex with them. The only trouble is it would so hurt your partner because what has happened is neither partner's fau...
Sound like a swarm of wasps. Image
Ask Mum to help you financially.