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Mike, the Finance Team is very aware that we are not all accountants, but at he end of the day, when one enters into the direct payment arena, one has agreed to keep records of expenditure, and make them available to the Finance Team on request. If they do find irregularities, it's either a case of ...
Suggest a visit to your GP to make them aware of your situation, and at the same time, give them a copy of the letter you sent to the Social Services, for their records.

Offer the bed for free on Ebay, buyer collects

Someone will take it, for sure.
Ok so your mum needs some sort of care, and she believes it is her daughter's duty to take care of her?

Would the daughter in question also happen to be her youngest?

Please share with us

My mother was the same with me
Hey Kirsty, twenty years, and you stood by your man all the way. I hear you, them hospitals can be so heartless, so cold, and so depressing, with very little compassion at times. It's wrong, its unacceptable, when I hear what some people have had to endure, as a result of gross incompetence and negl...
Really pleased your son is doing so well

He can't travel without the proper cover

Too risky for him and too worrying for you

No way around it

If you haven't told him yet, do

Better with the two of you on the case
It appears S has some issues with your MIL by what you say, so probably not the best person to ask anyway.

Could you not have arranged hospital transport to pick her up, then take her back home when she received the letter from the hospital with the appointment.
Seems that way.

Some people are so touchy when you point out the obvious to them

Three times, I had to edit out a few comments, before it went out
It is sad, very sad, but there is nothing more you can do but feel sad for someone who chooses to spend his life drinking himself into oblivion, with no regards to himself and those who love him, but never lose hope, one day it may change. In the meantime as the man is so happy spending all his time...
He needs to checked up by his GP to find out what could be the cause of his change in behaviour. Have you spoke to your partner yourself about your concerns? I think it would be wise to mention your concerns to his children, then it is completely up to them what they do from there on, and as your pa...