Sending you strength Deboroah.
It's so hard isn't it, but everyone's right, your health must take priority now. I know it isn't easy when so many years have been spent putting someone else first.
Hi Diane
I joined relatively recently. It's nice to have a listening ear or just a bit of a moan! Also good to know you're not going through this alone, cos it sure feels like it most of the time!
I don't think your expectations are unreasonable at all! I am surprised at their response too. Quite dismissive actually.
Thank you for the advice and taking the time to reply all of you. I will try to take it all on board
Thank you again
Hi All I joined this forum the other evening and this is my first post. I've looked after my mum with MS since I was 11 with my dad being the predominant carer. My lovely dad is now incredibly ill in hospital & will not be coming home. So it's now just me and mum at home (I'm 31). I have a carers as...