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'Social war' is a very apt description for what's happened over the years.
Hi Mark
Nice to meet you :)
They should definitely be there for the hour you are paying them for! I have carers for 5 hrs a day for my mum whilst I am at work. If one if them is a few minutes late she will stay the extra few minutes at the end. I would not be impressed if they were doing less. Especially as my mum is so vulner...
We are thawing here! Slushy rather than frozen which is a relief. I think I would have enjoyed it more if hadn't been under so much stress about getting stuck & not being able to get home to my mum who is chair bound & can't do anything for herself. Due to the risk of getting stuck, I haven't been a...
I just checked and my mum doesn't qualify either. I thought this was odd as it's been so cold for so long, but then realised the wind chill here can often make it seem much colder than what it is.
I.e. Weather is 1 degree, but wind chill factor makes it feel minus 10!
Well we woke up to horrendous snow etc Tuesday morning. Took me a couple of hours to get to work. Was then worried about getting home to mum taking over from carers. Managed to dig myself out of works car park & get home. Haven't managed to get off my drive since. It's been a complete nightmare this...
Our Facebook page has lots of people offering help too. My next door neighbour even asked if she could get me anything, which was very sweet.
As it is, I have enough in, and just need to pop out tomorrow if not too horrendous, to fill up with petrol for next week.
Hi James :)
Some of your comments sound very familiar!
Hi Mark :)
I've only joined quite recently as going through a very tough time when my world fell apart.
Welcome back though, sorry to hear things have been hard
Very very cold down in this SE corner!
Not looking forward to the potential snow. Now my lovely dad is a bit better, I am trekking up to the hospital everyday after work to pop in and see him. Snow will just make that so much more difficult, and I can't get stuck because of mum at home lol