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I think I could cope with spending a few days there :D
Thanks Susie and teafiend. I appreciate you all taking the time to reply (and sympathise!) The stuff arrived this morning & resulted in a huge row. District nurse also came this morning & has told mum not to worry it won't be that bad (!) but she will contact social services to see what they say. Mu...
So sorry Tracey.
Also sending you some hugs xxx
Hi Ali
Nice to meet you :)
Thanks Bowlingbun. I will raise with the hospital. They may need to change her appointment date to accommodate.
They know mums position & im surprised they've just sent it out (or not surprised, knowing our hospital, sigh)
So mum has to have some investigations & will be sent some moviprep to prepare. She thinks this will be ok!! As she is chair bound & we can barely deal with her bowel movements normally, I'm going to have to call the hospital aren't I? No way can I deal with that, despite what dear mother thinks! I'...
Hi Hayley, nice to meet you :)

Sorry to hear about your lack of support from family, but I am glad you've found this forum.

It's lovely to hear of the close relationship with your nan, but you must remember to look after yourself too x
Hi Kay
Nice to meet you :)
Hi Balraj :)
Our optician is great. One of the few people/agencies we don't have an issue with! :D
My mum has MS and I got her a pack of two silicone(?) egg shaped things that are a bit squeezey. They fit in the hand and you squeeze as hard as you can. She can't/won't use them now, but I thought they were a really good idea. I'm afraid I can't remember where I got them though. It's nearly impossi...