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Hi Elizabeth :) First things first, as you don't live with mum, you need to step away and let others deal with this. It sounds like she needs more support than just 4 visits a day. She's done well to get to 96, but when things turn out like this with the people we are looking after turning on us, we...
Gosh Butterfly what a lot to deal with. I think an awful lot of us will "get where you're coming from" I'm afraid, especially with siblings etc. This forum is good though. Lots of advice, and a friendly ear for when I've snapped! I'm not here all the time, just pop in and out. Everyone here has been...
Hi Jackie Nice to meet another MS family. My mum has secondary progressive too, supra pubic catheter as well. I think we will end up down the stoma route sometime in the future, as her bowels cause her (and me!) grief 24 hrs a day. But not being discussed at the moment. She has incredibly limited mo...
£43 a week??
If it's right, we'll all be out there! Never heard of anything like that myself.
I do agree with you. There is so little support, which means you can end up with anightmare situation when things spiral out of your control. And to the carers detriment and well being? Well, that's a joke. I was very unwell earlier this year, and all my family/health professionals could worry about...
Hi Shaz
I think lots of us can sympathise. My mum doesn't have dementia, but has been severely disabled for most of my life.

I am also single, unmarried, childless... You name it!
I am also a civvy in the police :) how weird is that!

Look forward to chatting :)
Hi ansmith, it's nice to meet you :)
There is no safety net anymore, and people are suffering and dying as a result.
But the government can't/won't see it?
Thank you MrsA. I will save that line for next time :) and you're right, this year has been exceptionally stressful & I am exhausted. Think the cracks are starting to show.
Oh Pet, I'm sorry you've been shouted at too. It's horrible isn't it? I feel like I have no control. I hope you get the medication issue sorted x Teafiend - I am 32 as well (just). I feel about 100 though. Today I've felt really sorry for myself and very much "I hate my life". Nothing like a bit of ...