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Bloody Jermans they won Image Image
they wouldn't know a low wage if it hit them in the face
<t>when my benefit was overpaid they sent a letter and that had options to pay in full or weekly with it been deducted from the benefit but as I was at my mums and the money was in my account i just paid it. I think they will say how much a week you have to pay back if you contact them but if you ca...
Hi Tinks. You're up late/early today! Someone forgot there are no set times for caring well there are 24/7 every day http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_redface.gif I can't tell you why the Government haven't changed it, that's up to them Because it helps them save money by stopping CA, not just CA...
Not for anyone with a sense of humour either some of the posts are to poke fun at people whoever runs that site is sad and needs to get a life
would that be the 2, 14, 16 Image
<t>I know the disabled person can get a bus pass and have a companion on it but that must be done when the pass is applied for but the disabled person must be with the carer to use the card that will be in the disabled persons name.<br/> <br/> That a council should charge a carer £75 for a bus pa...
It is called Selective deafness Yet when it comes to aid for foreign countries the government are quick to offer billions that could be used at home

It is time the government were told in no uncertain terms Charity begins at home
I only got to say one thing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8__EwAT8VM
Pity you don't have his mobile number you could phone all hours then ask how do you like it and I only get £50 Image Image