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Hi and Happy Easter for those who celebrate. I am planning to refresh a few pots in my garden. I am lucky to have a living room that looks out onto my back garden. Many of my plants remind me of people, and I want to add a plant that represents us... I am thinking it should be resilient, not too ove...
That is definitely not fair! All the more reason for you to have a very happy unbirthday too.xxx
Yes, you definitely deserve a second birthday. Proper ones are overrated! This time you can choose a day when no nurses etc will get in the way, buy yourself the present you always wanted and /or buy in a special breakfast to wake up to, either go out for a meal or order in... no cooking! If The Mad...
That’s all looking good... the clematis looks very healthy!

I actually managed to mow my lawn on Sunday. Looking forward to reading more of your garden makeover!
Sajehar, your compost is ace! I have a compost bin too, and love the results, but your looks super crumbly!

Susieq, I did not know about foxes and bone meal! Forewarned is forarmed.

I am a chicken poo fan, although my hubby feels that it is far too smelly 🙂

We have stripped some great vinyls over the years, and some terrible ones. I swear that some people have superglued them in the past.

Soaking and steaming have helped, but I am thinking that your steamer sounds faulty?
Hi. My family is a complicated one, and if anyone holds the responsibility for the strained dynamics, I'm afraid it is my mum. I have read a lot recently and I would say that she is highly narcissistic and has influenced our lives by trying her best to make us two youngest siblings codependent. Coun...
June, I hear you. Please don't feel guilty for needing to have a moan. We all need to express our feelings sometimes, and just because you acknowledge how hard this all is on you, does not take away from the love and care that you so obviously give.

Take care xx
Albert, you make me smile!!! Thanks xx
Tee he! Sounds like the perfect gift 😏

What would you buy yourself with twenty pounds? I think I would spend it on a trip to the cinema. Or buy myself a really lovely bunch of flowers.🌹