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Hi there. I havent posted on carers uk for a very long time. My partner has Aspergers traits and i find and try to give support to others on an excellent forum that is part of Different Together. Sadly, Different Together is closing in May. I was just wondering whether it would be ok for me to post ...
Oh no!
I am so sorry that this has happened to you both.
It sounds awful! I hope that someone is taking care of you both now.

Take care xx
I also like dipping into poetry, and use thePoetry Society website, poetrysociety.org.uk .
Thanks for the tip! That gives me a bit of time to play with😊
Mmmmm I am definitely going to give the geraniums a go. I have been reading about scented leaf geraniums, and think this would be a good place to start. Now for the fun bit, trying to find them in the garden centres😊
I am currently dipping in to Ronald Dahl’s complete,short,stories, volume 1. I only found out recently that he wrote for adults, and in fact, if you are old enough, you will have watched some on TV, as ‘Tales of the Unexpected’. The first section of the book were short stories written about being a ...
Hello Nezzie , I was wondering how far from your son’s school you live? If you are close enough, you might be able to join their ‘PTA’ or even offer to act as a volunteer helper. Are there parents groups around that you could join? You obviously have loads of experience to offer to others just start...
Have you tried searching for the man on Facebook? You have his name and will recognise his photo if there are more than one of him. I think I would go to the police to ask for help in contacting him. He may be ASD himself, or ignorant of ASD and what he is actually suggesting. I hope you get some he...
Oh, I used to have one of those in my last house, and I never knew it’s name!
Ooh, some great ideas here!

Albert, stinging nettles also because they are a breeding ground for beautiful butterflies!

Plans are afoot!