Thank you all for your kind words and advice, I will do my best to follow it. I hope I don't get a bike for Christmas, and, for some reason, I seem to have gone off aubergines too. Image
<t>On Monday I was admitted into hospital to have a small hernia repair, supposedly day surgery, however I was in quit a bit of pain, they made me stay in overnight. <br/> <br/> Jan wanted to come with me, so we had a taxi with a wheelchair ramp to take me in, the plan was for it to take us back hom...
<t>I have been posting on this site for many years, I have many friends on it, and been a Carer for even longer than, a member of this Forum. My point is this if you Care you Care, you take the good and the bad, sometimes it gets you down and you get sad, angry, frustrated etc., but you still Care, ...
<t>I fully agree with George, It's sadly what Caring is all about. That behaviour is (sadly sometimes) as much part of their condition as the physical stuff. <br/> <br/> As George says, Do nothing, and carry on Caring, or just stop and get the so called professionals in.<br/> <br/> Caring ain't easy...
Perhaps it's a library Image
Thanks that is very interesting, I just love stuff like that Image
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