<t>My 'real' 1st car was a 3 wheeled X baker's van, bought form my brother -in-law, didn't last long.<br/> <br/> I conceder my 1st car as a white mini, bought from my mate at work, it had a 'sports steering wheel' (a small one, all the rage with us boy racers at the time), my mate charged me an extr...
Thank you all for your kind words Image
<t>As some of you may remember<br/> I have been under the doctor, for a little while (9th December 2013), and had to have a small operation, on my tummy. <br/> <br/> The hospital, were a little concerned because they found more evidence of carcinoid disease, and arranged a subsequent CT Scan.<br/> I...
Thought you may like to see some of the photos:
I didn't even know we had a Members' Corner, Image How do I find/use it?
Sorry I didn't know this had been sent.Image
I'm hoping to get some photos soon, Steve's a bit cautious of putting photos of Tom on line, but I expect he will allow one or two , fingers crossed. Image
<t>We have had a fantastic (and unexpected) start to 2014. As some of you may know our Son, daughter in-law, and grandson (Tom) live in Edinburgh. unfortunately, Jan has considered it to much of a physically exhausting prospect to travel, to Edinburgh to see 'The Kids'. That was until this year, whe...
May I take this opportunity to wish everyone at Carers UK and on this Forum a very merry Christmas and a happy 2014.