Thank you so much, I'm officially an OAP today, just wait until I drive off to Tesco at about 12 mph in the middle of the road and saunter around the store aimlessly, forge to have my money ready at the check out, and my favourite tuck my jumper in to my underpants, such fun!
was it 3 more wishes? Image
<t>Update.<br/> <br/> We're finally back from the hospital. Another long consultation with the doctor. Only one of the two test results had come back but it showed up something which is an indication that the tumours may be 'active'. She doesn't want to start me on any treatment until I have the sca...
My Jan is an ignore it, it will go away, frame of mind. The other problem is at this time I am quite well, don't feel ill and have no symptoms, but the proposed treatment are very likely to change all that. Thank you for the kind words, you have given me 'food for thought'
weemocass , thanks for your comments, but it's Jan that is having the stress and anger issues.
Thank you for you kind word, and suggestions, I will be considering all you ideas as time go by. Image
<t>I wonder how others deal with stress combined with a feeling great anger, and that all too familial 'it's just not fair feeling'<br/> <br/> It's not me that is experiencing this but my Jan (the one I Care for).<br/> <br/> Ever since I have been diagnosed with Casanoide disease, She is almost 'bes...
I went to see the Dr, every day last week. At the last consultation, he said, Jimbo, I have examined you every day this week and can't find anything wrong with you despite of all the symptoms you say you have, I think you are suffering from hypochondria. Oh no! Not that as well ? I said http://www.c...
Thank you Minnie and you too. Image