I don't know how I do it either, sometimes it works and other times .....well you know
I tried to put on a photo, but it didn't work, probably me :unsure:
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I have tried again, don't think it worked this time either! :S

Oh yes it did :cheer:, let's try this one
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:woohoo: Nailed it :cheer:
Just to wish you all a very Happy Easter :cheer:
I loved then my kind of humour Image

Reminded me of Time Vine
Happy Birthday Nanana, hope you get lots of these Image
You cheeky blighters, hope Jill have a happy Mother's Day xx
Purple Rain Prince

Wind Beneath my wings Bette Midler

I've got you babe Sonny & Chair (Our song) Image
Glad it seems to have helped Image
I saw this on Twitter and thought some of us Carers may find it useful. Urine samples made easy Standard I came across the Useit by http://www.usit-medical.com . It’s a urine sample collection device for none sterile sample and is great for women in particular with limited or no hand mobility/grip....
Thank you all for you birthday salutations. Image