<t>To be honest, mostly my days are great, I've have a few not so great days of late, but have to say, on the whole the rest are usually grate.<br/> <br/> I spend all day every day with the one I love most, what's not to like?<br/> <br/> I often feel a bit of a fraud calling my self a Carer, when I ...
Yep! bring a crate ;-D
:oops: I have given you all the wrong idea :oops: sorry, it's not our anniversary, until August then it will be our 45th.

This post is about, how long we've been boy and girlfriend.

But thanks for your good wished, anyway.
Jan and I have been an 'item' for 49 years today. :woohoo:
Kettle, short? I don't understand this game, I thought the words had to be in some way associated with the previous word, silly me :unsure:

But in the same vain as 'short' after 'Kettle' how about hippopotamus ? :unsure:
Tobacco :silly:

(I'm feeling better today, sorry I through my toys out of the pram yesterday :blush: )

(sorry if I put this twice, It must be a glitch in the new Forum :woohoo: :blush:

It wouldn't take it as just a reply????
Don't think I'll play any more :angry: