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I just hope she and fellow Ministers will remember the 'responsibilities' we carers have all shouldered when discussing the fairness of the new system.
<t>Have transcribed:<br/> <br/> Dear David (Lammy)<br/> <br/> Thank you for your letter of 5 August to the Minister of State for Pensions on behalf of (me!) about Carer’s Allowance. I am replying as the Minister for Disabled People,<br/> <br/> The Government recognises that the six million carers ...
Thanks for trying.

But actually the letter is hardly worth reading! Maybe the forum has a self-censor device to sift out the blah-blah-blah? Image
Is it me?
Here goes

Mmmm, just tried a series of different sizes - none of which will enlarge. And the full size option comes up as a thumbnail - maybe I best try again tomorrow and hope the glitch has gone!
Have to admit, I didn't expect to get anything further from my MP but this popped through the letter box today, with a covering letter:


Hardly worth the swish paper it's written on Image
<t>Caring can make us sooooo damned NICE! It is all too easy to put other peoples’ feelings and well being before our own. And this can be used against us and we become easily manipulated.<br/> <br/> A couple of suggestions. When your OH asks if you want a cuppa, why not say ‘Ooh, thank you, but...
Well done Paul Image

And I have finally heard from my MP! Hope this works:......

Have still heard zilch from my MP. Nor has he signed the EDM http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_sad.gif So have sent another mail reminding him of this 'oversight'. I had a small snort when I got his automated response: Your views and concerns are important to me. All correspondence is dealt with i...