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That's a blistering one! Thank you Rosemary
'If the fund needs to change, so be it. I’m no expert in its mechanics, but this feels too much like just another cut than a considered statement on better supporting disabled adults at home and providing the funding necessary to provide good quality care.' Yes, it certainly does feel like 'just a...
Broken Britain: if it ain't broke, break it
<t>Letter, states:<br/> <br/> 'The Minister also announced that the Government would consult on the best way forward to support ILF users from 2015 onwards. Your involvement in this consultation is very important, and we will work closely with the Government to ensure that your views are considered....
A letter arrived from the ILF today telling me that my son's payments are safe until 2015 when the fund will close (as per Maria Miller's announcement).

It seems the ILF has been a victim of it's own success.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11985568 My son's care package relies heavily on the ILF for the funding of his support workers. If this money is withdrawn then I will not be able to cope without the support it affords us. If I can't cope then my son will not be able to remain at home with us, his fam...
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Would be lost without Ebay ........... oh, and Carers UK Image
<t>Welcome Mark<br/> <br/> I just wish it were under different circumstances.<br/> <br/> Have signed your petition, joined your fb group.<br/> <br/> It could be so many of us and our autistic offspring facing this nightmare situation.<br/> <br/> I wish you all the very best and that you get Steven h...
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I reckon you could be right!