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Talk to the Office of the Public Guardian, as you have POA. I'm appalled at your situation.
She needs to sort this out for herself! You have become her slave and need to set boundaries! If she is a nurse, a demanding job and can run around people at work, but is too tired to do anything when she gets home then she needs to reduce her hours or do a different less physically demanding job. S...
What a horrible thing for him to say, easier to blame you than accept responsibility for his situation.
Keep in touch. Expect some panic when they realise you are serious about going. You NEED to go.
You sound like a slave. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership of equals, you do all the giving, he does all the taking! What does he do for you, no mention of love, kindness, you get the urinal! He needs to shower every day and have a hair wash because of his allergies. We are all responsible for...
Are the antidepressants really causing memory problems??
How old is mum?
How old are you and your husband?
What are they bickering endlessly about???
That assessment may have been unlawful, without your involvement.

If they have decided mum doesn't qualify, TELL them that you want them to email you a copy IMMEDIATELY.
Hugs Penny, maybe it was time you had a good cry?
So much has happened, practically non stop, there is only so much even the strongest woman can cope with. Let all the tears flow, for everything.
Tomorrow is a new day.
I agree, if he feels he has the right to be so abusive, then he's old enough to learn about the real world. The longer he feels it's OK to treat you like a verbal punch bag, the longer it's going to take for him to realise he has to set his own boundaries about his own behaviour. In a way, by allowi...
Sadly, that's true as far as SSD is concerned. In fact I'm now so fed up with our Area Team Leader that I'm formulating a complaint to the SW Governing Body. I've been kicked round her department like a ping pong ball, as if they are taking turns, so I say the same things over and over again, withou...