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Never ignore those feelings of crisis, something needs to change before mum gets ill. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should mum or a neighbour pick anyone up. Your grandmother should use the Lifeline, and the Lifeline should call an ambulance, NOT mum! Are they both claiming Attendance Allowance? Mum should...
My gym membership is now funded by the council as part of my Carers Assessment. You don't need charity, you need what is rightfully yours. When did you last have a Carers Assessment??
Hi Debs, you have both been through so much in the last year.
Are you getting carers now?
Is your husband now claiming disability benefits?
Is the house disabled friendly?
So many things should have happened, but the virus has mucked up so many things.
In that case he's not fit for discharge anywhere is he?! This happened to mum in hospital and they put a camera down to see what was going on. Hospital had totally ignored me until this happened, then all of a sudden doctor wanted to talk to me asap!
We live in the New Forest, I'm really worried about all the holidaymakers bringing their bugs down here, at the moment we have a very low infection rate. I'm looking forward to seeing my best friend, I'm going to stay in Devon for a week soon, in an isolated cottage, and have a cottage to stay in du...
A few questions first, the answers will help find a solution.
How old is mum?
Do her parents have over £46,000in total savings?
Does she have Power of Attorney?
Are they both receiving Attendance Allowance?
Is their home and garden streamlined, disability friendly?
On Way Up, we all agreed that 6 months after being widowed was a very low point, the Widow Fog has lifted, the paperwork more or less done, and then you wonder what to do now. Be kind to yourself and try not to put any pressure on yourself.
Take photos of all this. The woman is clearly up to no good. If aunt I in hospital and she is in aunt's house, she is trespassing. Get one of the family to park their car in the drive, or tell her to move it and if she refuses, call in a recovery company!
Get the POA activated. After all it has been accepted that she has dementia. Somehow, get a covert camera installed. Maybe contact the Alzheimer's Society?
On ebay, make sure you have her as one of your "favourite sellers" so you can see everything she has sold. It's theft. As you have POA, change the locks.