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Some doctors don't know as much as they should about Fast Track Continuing Healthcare. Once they apply, it should all be arranged within 48 hours. It's a different procedure for people not in mum's situation. I had to get VERY firm with my mum's GP to get it done. Sadly, too late for it to be of use.
Have you now asked the GP to arrange Fast Track Continuing Healthcare? This is really important, then with their help and support, and nursing care, there can be no question whatsoever of any ill treatment. My next suggestion will upset you. Google "Signs of Dying" and you will find lots of really h...
You shouldn't have to do this the LA should set up a Payroll Service for you AND pay you for managing a large account. No one told me that, not allowed to have a penny for my own costs!!!
STOP! Take a breath. Nothing is going to happen in the next few weeks. Mum will NEVER be able to give aunt Power of Attorney, as her dementia means that she lacks the capacity to grant it. Aunt sounds to be pretty horrible, keep her out of this as much as possible! You cannot be thrown out of the ho...
Giselle, if you get Carers Allowance you cannot be asked by DWP to look for work.
Do all your young adults claim PIP and ESA or similiar?
Have they each had a Needs Assessment from Social Services?
That's why you need to report her to the Nurses Governing/Registration body.
You can also make a Subject Access Request to her office asking for a copy of everything she has written about you.
Google The Information Commissioner for more information.
Given your job talk to your employers, ask them what to do, you are in the best possible position not just to get care for your sister, but to make things better for others too.
If you know her name, complain to the Nurses Registration body.

I'm concerned that money is an issue for you.
Is mum getting Attendance Allowance?
Google this. It would enable you to be paid whilst caring for mum.
In 2004, I proposed a motion at the AGM, that Carers Allowance increased to equate to minimum wage. It was passed almost unanimously. I am disappointed at the lack of progress. However, since then, lots has changed. The 2014 Care Act said that everyone needing support was supposed to be entitled to ...
It is NOT up to mum to choose whether or not to have a sitter!
It's YOUR choice when you are or are not going to care for her!
She doesn't control anything, she has now lost the capacity to make valid decisions.