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https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/641143/Family-care-payments-practice-note-SD14.pdf There are different views on what people can and cannot be paid for when caring for relatvies. Here is a link to an article I found out about from Facebo...
Did they even consider mum's human right to a normal family life, seeing family members regularly? I know that is mentioned in the CHC Framework, I used the argument for my own mum.
As she has just had a mental capacity assessment you just need Power of Attorney. Talk to a solicitor local to the home and get them to do it when you visit next. Then no one can challenge it!!!
Paula, my mum hovered between life and death for almost a year. I never knew if I was going to find her perky and chatty, or laid immobile, talking gibberish, when I was unable to make any sense of what she was saying. It's all horrible, try to look after yourself. I was very stressed. Try to make a...
Have you arranged a director? It's so much easier to do it before it's needed. Otherwise you will end up having a call like we did. This was an answer phone message.... "Your mother has died, what do you want us to do with her body?". Father in law was supposed to be arranging this but would not giv...
How would he do all this without you?
Maybe it's time you had someone else involved to get to know him and your household, who can take him to appointments and give you some time off? How old are you both?
If you have under £46,000 savings between you, OR your wife has under about £23,000 in her own name, then you should have a Social Services Needs Assessment, followed by a formal financial assessment. It is YOUR choice, not SSD's, which assessment ends up with the lowest payment. Social Workers some...
What a lot of messing around!!!
You ask the doctor to arrange for an "NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist Assessment".
The usual abbreviation for the is CHC. Google for the CHC "Framework".
If you can afford it, print off the relevant sections and go through it with a highlighter pen.
Is your wife seeing a consultant at all?
Then think of this as a "New Beginning". As dad came out of hospital and went back in again, I would start by complaining to the CEO of the hospital. The only way I ever got help from a hospital, almost instantly! So ring up, ask to speak to the CEO or his PA. Be sure to use the words "unsafe discha...