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You do not have to let her in. First he has to be fit for discharge, which he isn't. Then there should be a Continuing Healthcare Assessment, involving you. Then they should decide how much care he needs for daily living. Normally, major building works come under the Disability Facilities Grant sche...
It is now time to consider residential care I'm afraid.
Are DWP falling foul of the Equality Act?
Where are the "reasonable adjustments for disabled people"?
If someone intelligent like Penny struggles with the system, it's simply not fit for purpose!
They could redesign the whole house BUT at the moment he needs a TEAM of carers 24/7. Changing the house isn't going to do this! I suggest that you ring Social Services that before any further discussion they arrange a "2014 Care Act Advocate" so that your voice,as carer, can be heard. No one seems ...
I'm WEARY of it all. Not depressed.
Feeling better now I have a short break to look forward to.
Have you made any plans for after lockdown ends?
Welcome to the forum.

How old are you, your kids, and brother?
Do those with special needs claim benefits?
Do you own or rent your home?
This just gets worse and worse. It needs URGENT action. It's not just the money, it's the principle. How dare she change the locks. What authority? Presumably the locksmith had a sign written van? I'd contact them this afternoon, and Social Services, and demand immediate action. Even if the POA isn'...
Mum is entitled to six weeks of FREE Reablement Care. It is really important that she relies on them to do everything that she needs. Twice a day isn't enough. She also needs to think for herself how to arrange things that are in reach (my mum had a 3 tier tea trolley), what she needs to drink, and ...
It must be awful not being able to visit or hold your wife close, for both of you. My husband and I were also very close, we even ran a business together based at home. As long as we were together, we felt we could tackle anything, and we did, from shipping steam engines round the world in our twent...
Beware Friday discharges! It means that if there is a problem no one is available to resolve it over the weekend. I was sent home on a Friday after a knee replacement told that the equipment I needed was being delivered. It wasn't. I'm nearly 6ft tall, really needed the chair raisers and raised toil...