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Tomorrow morning tell us more about mum and brother.
We should be able to get you more support.
What I'm going to say will seem hard, but he's never going to change.
You are NOT responsible for him.
Either you are prepared to put up with this, or worse as he gets older, or you walk away.
If he is receiving any benefit, the NI number is usually printed somewhere on the correspondence. It's the same number throughout life. I'm a really "sad" person! I've known my husband's NI number for at least 30 years off by heart, and also my disabled son's. More recently, I can remember mine. Wri...
Hi Dave, welome to the forum.
My son was brain damaged at birth 42 years ago. He can't read, write or do any maths, but is fit as a flea. How old is your son? Are you getting enough help and support?
I've never heard about it either, I'm fairly certain Hampshire doesn't have anyone like that.
Yes, the whole point of POA is acting for her, to protect her best interests. Make sure the bank has a copy. Then legally, you are your mum. You sign her cheque books with your name. Change the address for all bank correspondence to come to you. Then ask for statements covering the brothers getting ...
Just keep telling yourself "I am NOT going to panic". If you feel the need to do something make a list of jobs to sort out, but don't worry if you feel too exhausted be kind to yourself. Try to go for a short walk every day. I cried buckets every evening. Sort out what you are going to wear for the ...
Dementia comes in many forms. Dad is either just plain nasty or not thinking properly. What did he used to be like???
Have a look at the LA website. I'm sure there are official deadlines for meetings etc.
I know how hard this is. I found my husband dead in bed. Nothing prepares you for the death of a loved one, whatever age. Between now and the funeral, just do whatever you MUST do. Leave everything else until afterwards. Put all the papers in a lever arch file, so they don't keep looking at you, the...