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His mother is clearly the problem!!!!
Make a "Subject Access Request" to the LA. Ask for copies of EVERYTHING they have on record about you since this fostering started. You should be able to do it online, through the LA's website.
Well done. I hate meetings like that though, so stressful.
Be sure to take a copy of the original assessment with you. Ask yourself if anything improved?
Is the condition the same, but well managed. Then she is still entitled.
I have 2 knee replacements, and I'm tall. I used to drive a Discovery, easy to get in and out of, so when I needed to get a different car, the ability to get in and out was my prime requirement. Most cars were useless! I tried for months, ended up with a Skoda Yeti which has pump up height adjustabl...
They should have done a financial assessment before she moved in with you, or soon after. If they didn't, that's their fault, not yours.
Simple solution, a rise and recline chair. My mum used hers right up until the day before she died. Only trouble was, every time I saw mum use it to stand, I kept thinking of the song
"I'm a little teapot.....pick me up and pour me out!!" Mum and I had both been Brown Owls!
Tiredness is my biggest enemy, I had about 3 hours sleep last night. Just about enough energy to do a bit or ironing, much easier just sat at the keyboard!
I suggest that you start by Googling NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework, then look at the "Checklist Assessment". It's a bit of postcode lottery, but if he qualifies it would mean that he was entitled to FREE care. Has anyone offered an educational setting? When he was at school, what ratio of staf...
I've just sent you a PM. Go to the top right of the screen, where it says "private messages" and click on the little envelope.