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DFG - Disabled facilities grant.

Hope the help already given will mean you can get things sorted out asap.

Thanks for letting us know! Sounds "interesting"!

Hi MaryAnn,

Thanks and sent you a pm!

Speak soon

Hi! You can order it online in places such as on this post just below yours re no rinse http://www.carersuk.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=950 OR in any general chemist such as large ones or smaller independant ones! The ones I have had from chemists has been fine! I like the larger bottles which I can ...
Hi! Sorry not knowing the full situ this will be generalised but depending on your wife's condtion is there any support group/charity relating to this? Is there a charity relating to any occupation either yourself or your wife might have had? There are other more general charities which support peop...

Thanks for this link!

The hand gel is a brilliant price with the refill bottle and hand gel is part of my essential equipment in this situation=www.pegfed.co.uk !

Thanks again!

Hi! Finding support for conditions can be so hard. found this link http://www.ubpn.org/ and http://brachialplexus.wustl.edu/ Not too sure if this is related to a child with the condition? If so perhaps contact a family http://www.cafamily.org.uk/ could help? Even if it is not for a child they might ...
Hi Nikie, Have you heard of Leanne Grose ? She had an amputation of her foot and then more of her leg due to cancer in her early 20's and is only mid 20's now. She has a website and you can contact her. Lovely girl and so she might be of some support to you. Here are the links www.justastep.co.uk ht...
Hi Tony! Thanks for the information and now I can understand more of what its about ( and had indeeed already heard about!) I am clearer as to the aim of this petition! I think my other points ,however, are valid ones and the "younger" disabled people are in a situation which is possibly worse! They...
Hi! Only just caught up on this thread today. Would the proposal mean this money was means tested? A lot of older people have a lot more money than younger sick and disabled people and this is another whole grey area re things like heating and eating! Sorry I don't mean to be rude but being seriousl...