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Hi Marie,

Do you mean "sheltered housing" when you refer to "care homes" ?


Hi! It is always distressing to hear of neglect anywhere but Telecare cannot force owners of any care setting to install their products! Where do we hear of these allegations of lack of staff, funding etc? Perhaps you could discuss these issues with CSCI staff in writing so they are aware of the sho...
Sorry it doesn't seem that interesting to you all.......hope you at least look at the links! Soembody might be interested when they find out more!

Hi! Snap! I cannot "claim" the money you all complain about either due to personal circumstances which will not be published on a www site! It is not that I "earn" too much or that I am employed!

Hi! Some of you will possibly have heard of the "expert patient programme (EPP)" This is a summary of EPP "If you live with a long-term illness, why not take control by becoming an Expert Patient. The Expert Patients Programme is a self-management course giving people the confidence, skills and know...

Welcome to the forum.

I hope you are getting the help and support you need now?

Is there a carers centre near to you?

Speak again sometime

this got me thinking if this new scheme was forced onto carers because lets be honest about it the state will force those on benefits to take up this new incentive how would i cope george Hi George, I really would not believe they could "force" this onto anybody and I am slightly fed up with the id...
<t>Hi! <br/> <br/> I support this fully and object to the need to give my full address and phone number and so didn't do so!!! I did put my first name and I put my intial for the second name. I put "the area" in the address section and ex directory in the phone number! I use a hotmail address for th...
Sorry for the typing errors in my msg's! I have my hands in splints due to new tendon prob's and finding it hard to type! Chris
Hi, now I have read your second message things are slightly different than in the first one! Yes the Police can and should be informed but also as I said before your GP needs to know asap too. Also there are drug centres which can offer support and advice and there are free phone help lines such as ...