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if it weren't for the DLA we wouldn't be able to have the kia sedona we have which is the only car we could find that would fit our sons wheelchair in it, we'd be paying out taxi fares for a disabled access taxi to get around which would cost a flippin fortune
What about the millions of disabled children who would be plunged into poverty as well? and removing child benifit to hand over to foster carers would further penalise the families of disabled children.
http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/disabi ... wance-(dla)/dla-aa-cuts

My other half just found this.
<t>Hi peeps, havn't been around in a long time but was wondering if anyone else has heard the same.<br/> Our O.T. told us yesterday that there is some new " have to " in which social services and the government want all kids in normal beds. Our son sleeps in a safe space 3x3 bed, there is no other s...
Thank you ever so much everyone for your comments and you've helped more than anything i'll be having some serious words with my mother tomorrow.
hopefully this will overt a huge amount of trouble.
thank you so much again
<t>Hi guys<br/> I have bit of a dilema and i am in need of some urgent advice and help.<br/> We were going to be having my grandmother living with us but her mental health has deteriorated so much and so quickly that it is no longer feesable for us to do this so the only option is for her to go into...
<t>Hi Everyone<br/> It's been a while since i have posted had so much going on but am needing opinions from anyone and everyone if possible.<br/> I know i've asked this kind of question before though i think the thread will be long gone by now.<br/> We are looking to move from our current home ( own...
<t>Thank you for replying Linda.<br/> Your situation sounds like a nightmare, though one which i'm sure many had to endure and can't have been pleasant for anyone.<br/> Thank you for the info you have put forward it may be of some help, it's kind of like a puzzle lol trying to put all the pieces is ...
Thanks rosemary i didn't think they dealt with income support but will give them a ring tomorrow.
<t>Hi everyone<br/> Been a while since i posted on here new baby extremely demanding and a handful.<br/> <br/> anyway i was wondering if anyone else had been through a similar problem we are facing.<br/> <br/> Our daughter is 16 in January and leaving school shortly after, as of yet she does not kno...