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hi just and idea. for various reasons my daughter gets a very very dry mouth. her gp prescribes a spray to spray around her mouth to make it more comfortable. I wondered if this would help your dad. she does not live with me so I cannot give you the name right now, but will do tomorrow. or you could...
hello George I have just read your post and I wanted to say welcome to the forum. there are many people on here that i feel sure will have all sorts of practical advise to help you with your situation. but i just wanted to say a big welcome, its a very friendly forum and i am sure you will benefit f...
difficult one here. I would watch and wait really. it could well be that the lady you care for has formed an attachment to her ex carer and in that case its good, and she is just being a friend. however, if you think there is something else behind it, I cant imagine what, then it might be worth ment...
yes, I do feel rather proud of myself for not taking 'no' for an answer. I even had care provider CEO phone me and grovel.

Thank you for all your support.
Hooray. CCG are now adamant that the consumables should be covered by care provider and not have to be paid for by my daughter. it took the intervention of our MP to sort it. CCG said originally we had to pay for them.

They do try it on don't they.
you are so so right Bowlingbun . we did this when our daughter was 42. as you say it took years to organise and to get the right flat share person with her. she is now nearly 53, we visit most days for a cuppa with her, but we do not have to and no pressure is put on us to do so. her health (and our...
I am so sad to hear your news Jacqueline. take care. x
thank you chris.

i have just left a message with Just Caring, looking forward to hear what they have to say.

I have contacted my gp who could not give me a definite answer and told me to contact MP, so I have. we will see.
good luck with that Pet66. all I can say is prepare and research as much as you can. write it all down clearly for yourself to give answers. its not easy, and they have ways of turning things around but stick to your guns, you know your caree the best, and as always answers about the worst case day,...