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hi I don't know if their is anything available for bottoms etc. after weeks and weeks of district nurses coming and going, she was prescribed by gp zinc impregnated socks for pressure sores on her toes and heals. it took about a month of wearing them, changing them every couple of days, but they wor...
just to say it was the district nurses who authorised my daughters hospital type profiling bed through the NHS.
No way should your dad pay for it.
yes of course Chris your right. but we do it for the people we love, and the powers that be, know that.

what I was referring to was agency staff etc. and care home staff. basically the whole system is a mess, social care and non existing social care.
you are so so right. cant get carers, well pay them the living wage (10.55p.) per hour, and just watch them apply then you can pick the best that you want/need, these are skilled people dealing with personal care, autism, learning disabilities, peg feed, double incontinence, integrating people into ...
oh dear, I feel for you and your dad. I suppose one angle on the situation is the more that you do for your dad, and the home knows you are doing it, the less in fact they will do. but the issues you raise, i.e. not drinking enough, laying in urine, could lead to serious health issues. personally I ...
oh well done Rosemary. one should not have to struggle like this to get the correct decision.

what happens to all the people who have not got famalies to fight (and yes it is a fight) for them.
thank you all for your comments and advice. I particularly like your last sentence Mrs Average ( I don't believe your that). " A good professional team leader should be working with t families and actively encouraging their involvement." I am sure I will find a use for that quote when I have my next...
my daughter has no capacity whatsoever. she employs care staff with CHC funding, using a care agency. the care staff are excellent, but the team leader I have had problems with for some time. I suppose she does not like me and I do not like her. she criticizes my opinions about the care of my daught...
many thanks chris. most helpful.

what I would really like is to hear from anybody who has/is using personal health budgets
anybody on the forum use health budgets.
thinking of trying to do it and wondered if it works.