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well done charm, how dare they treat you like that.

they thought they could intimidate you even before your meeting. sound like it was all planned like that to me.

hang on in there and feel proud of yourself.
hi why don't you try the Care to be Different page on facebook. its all about CHC funding and they have solicitors they recommend on there. they will give you a phone call (or they did me) and it was free. gave me advice, and said they will take me on (at a cost of course) if I needed them. fortunat...
hi my daughter lives in a supported living apartment, but on her own as the lady she shared with unfortunately died. it took LA nearly 3 yrs to find a replacement (unbelievably) and by this time our M. had got used to living on her own, with 24/7. care, so as she has the tenancy we were able to say ...
welcome to the forum abbey. I hope that like me you will find lots of interest and help on here.
hello if it is a Motability Vehicle the motability allowance covers the insurance as well as the servicing of the car. I have a WAV for my daughter. I would say to choose it very carefully, to get the right one for you. we had never had a WAV before and because we were anxious to get it quickly, we ...
I thought the expressions on the mans face were brilliant. x
hi chris
thank you for your reply.

I should not be having to pay these 'top up fees' but I am being told by CCG that I have to

where do I go from here, any ideas.

my daughter is lucky enough to receive CHC funding. however, she has just changed to a new provider. ccg are saying she should pay for her own caring consumables. i.e. plastic gloves, mouth swabs, wet wipes and bed pads.(not incontinence pads) to protect the bed. however, I thought CHC funding shoul...
sorry ajay.
I did not mean to offend you. I did not mean that she should call him her baby, just that as a mother its a comforting thought.
hi Ceri I completely understand how you are feeling. however, I can assure you that your son will always need you. ok, its not the same as when they are little, but they will always be your babies (as daft as it sounds) and always need their mum wherever they are. be proud of the job you have done w...