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<t>let her go and see how she gets on.<br/> as you may or may not be aware i work in a special school and we actually have a pack of brownies[1st Blackburn]that is run as an after school activity on a tuesday afternoon. all the girls have learning disabilities and other associated problems. the brow...
<t>my son is doubley incontinent also severe epilepsy where he also wets during seizures i was having the same problems as you plus due to his severe learning disability he thumps and drops down on the bed rather heavily and breaks it. <br/> but about 10 year ago i asked social services to try and g...
hi marie,

is it the NSE epilepsy forum,if so im on it as well

or is it

hope this helps

dear george
like eun says its how they decide what is covered by free personal care, i hadnt even given it a thought about possibly being free as i thought £63 for a weeks break was a good deal, as the council pay the mega balance.

<t>dont know where you are, but in west lothian i am entitled to 64 nights a year for my 34 year old with severe learning dissibilities and severe epilepsy, he attends day care through the day as normal and transported back to respite in the afternon again.<br/> we pay just over £63 a week for it...
<t>i dont have your poo cleaning problems,up here in west lothian and edinburgh there is a laundry service for sheets,a bag of fresh white cotton sheets are delivered every monday along with blue bin bags for the dirty wet sheets if they are pood they go in another bag and tied these disolve in the ...
try asking HV for conti wipes they are about 12x12 but are dry and all we do is have a basin of water and soap handy ,we place them in the same carrier bag as used pad then into clinical waste bin.

no one from the special olimpics were hounered, [these are for people with learning dissabilities] and i know a couple of gold medal winners they went to the school i work in.

<t>term time working usually refered to by people who work in the education/college system.<br/> <br/> i work term time,i only work 40 weeks a year the others being school holidays, i do this so that i can work hours that suit my caring commitments to my son, when he is in day care.<br/> <br/> <br/>...
merry christmas from me too