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we have a stannah fitted by social work for garry it took 18months from start to getting it installed.

hi lazydaisey,

those gardens outside carmarthen are good, we were there in october , my other 2 sons live in carmarthen and we were at a cottage at cross hands.

<t>riven has been having problems with coping for a while now,what i DIDNT pick up from the coverage on daytime tv this morning was that her youngster also has severe epilepsy on top of the what is visual problems and she herself suffers from MS <br/> i am on other forums that she is on.<br/> <br/> ...
thank you

http://www.gopetition.com/petition/42051.html hopefully this link works. it is a workshop for adults with learning disabilities that make not for profit garden furniture it is one of the proposed cuts by west lothian council . there is very little in this area for them already. we have lost 2 garde...
EUN your up here in scotland arnt you.
try the local council web site as here in west lothian there is a page where we can self refer for some items if already known to the OT and a shower chair im sure is one of the items.

i was hearing on another forum that some PHT are reducing the numbers of pads that a person is entitled to per day cutting to a maximum of 5 a day.

i know this is not nearly enough for my garry.

<t>i love the nissan qashqui i have only in september took delivery of our second one the first was a 1500 petrol and i got 38 miles to the gallon and thought that was good compaired to the renalt scenic i had before it, but this one is a 1500 diesel and what a diference 3 years and fuel make. i am ...
<t>i just want to scream, got a phone call that the carer that we have for 4 hours on a thursday night was still ill and that there was no one to replace him sorry, what help to us is sorry. thats 7 weeks now that the company have not sent someone.<br/> i suppose i should be happy that they phoned t...
<t>the school i mentioned about closing children would not have been able to cope with mainstream school from what i could see in the article on the tele.<br/> i am a special needs support assistant in a special school have been for 19 years so know a bit about it.i am also the parent of a 36 year o...