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<t>the special needs courses at our local college are for low/moderate functioning people, and the more able can access main stream courses but must fund support themselves the college only fund a few assistants for the SN courses.<br/> it was my job for years supporting pupils from the school i wor...
we were fine up here through the night, but it is really cold today[saturday].

im worth £118,250.00 a heck of a differnce that would make to our life.

<t>i agree with fandrake very much, when i get weekend respite or am on holiday,my watch is never on.<br/> my life is ruled by time, when garrys here its drug times 4 times a day, also at my work we have 8 periods a day in my school, also because 3 of the 4 pupils i work wit h have autism there time...
i get the maximum for west lothian, 64 nights a year but there are very few people now get that with the cut backs, but at the moment social worker says he will stay on it due to the comlexicity of his problems and my own health issues.

know how you feel, i have garry who is now 36 in the house with us and i dont know how id cope with him being in care.

<t>sorry cant offer any other words of suport other than what has been said, but if it helps i fully understand the situation your in. being there my self.<br/> i have a disabled son with complex dificulties he is 36 years old, i worked full time in a special school till last easter when it all caug...
im a card maker scrapbooker, have only started back at knitting and crocheting used to do a lot of it but doctor advised against it as it affected my athritus in my shoulders, but am willing to try again. your photos are good, ill try and add a card on here for you to have a look at. http://s2.posti...
do you not think it could be stress, thats how it affects me any important meetings or appointments or like you an expected phone call and off i go coughing my lungs up.

<t>you are usually asked to pay a contribution towards the cost of respite, i pay £80 ish a week for garrys respite, it is supposed to be paid from their benifits[DLA or IS] and is a very small contribution towards the actual costs to the council lenard cheshire charge the council nearly £2000 for...